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Criminal and Education Defense

Advocating for freedom and dignity. 

Located in the Columbia River Gorge, Ginger G. Mooney, LLC serves clients throughout Oregon, from Ontario to Coos Bay, and Klamath Falls to Portland.  We specialize in criminal and education defense. At Ginger G. Mooney, LLC, we understand that facing criminal charges or potential expulsion from a college or university is always stressful, and sometimes terrifying. We will approach your case with empathy, and will work tirelessly towards a favorable resolution. 

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Areas of Practice

Criminal defense

Ginger's experience in trial level criminal defense and post-conviction relief has spanned from minor wildlife offenses to capital murder cases. Every client is treated with the utmost care and attention, and a team is compiled appropriate to each case. Our attorneys work closely with investigators to explore factual circumstances, and utilize expert analysis whenever helpful. We understand that client communication, knowledge of the case, and legal expertise are all necessary components to a favorable outcome. 


Ginger is one of the premier post-conviction attorneys in Oregon, with over 15 years of experience, including numerous death penalty cases. Ginger is a member of the Oregon Post-Conviction Consortium, representing clients in and out of prison. Post-convictions present a variety of issues, generally surrounding ineffective assistance of counsel at the trial level.  Post-conviction claims can include failure to investigate the facts and circumstances in your case, to suppress or exclude improper evidence, to catch errors during sentencing, to effectively negotiate plea agreements, or to properly object and preserve issues for appeal. 

Habeas corpus relief

Habeas corpus relief is available to Oregon prisoners under several sets of circumstances. First, relief may be granted where an inmate is denied appropriate diagnosis or treatment for a serious medical condition, including mental illness; a court may order a medical assessment, treatment, or even release. Second, a court may grant relief where the conditions of confinement violate constitutional provisions, such as prolonged solitary confinement, or denial of the right to religious practice.  Third, relief may be available where an inmate is incarcerated longer than he or she should be.  Ginger has extensive experience with cases regarding medical treatment, general conditions of confinement, and invalid confinement.  She is an expert in state habeas corpus proceedings, having over 15 years of experience and authoring publications on habeas corpus for the Oregon State Bar and the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. 

Education defense

Institutions of higher education have largely unchecked power to allege and find student conduct code violations. These decisions can have life-changing consequences, personally, professionally, and even in criminal court. As an advocate, Ginger assists students through the administrative process, and effectively protects their constitutional rights in any related criminal case. 


Criminal convictions can haunt someone for decades after the price for the crime has been paid, hindering your professional growth or path to United States citizenship.  Many arrests and convictions can be set aside once any obligations under a judgment have been met and a period of time has passed. 


Under Oregon law, the Governor has executive clemency power to grant several forms of relief to convicted persons.  These include pardons (complete forgiveness for a crime), commutations of sentence (substituting a less severe punishment than the sentence received), reprieves (temporary relief from a sentence), and remission of fines (reduction or cancellation of court-ordered fines).  

Fish & game violations

Hunting and fishing violations can result from a variety of circumstances, including hunting on another person's enclosed land (trespassing), poaching, hunting without a valid license or tag, making false statements on a resident hunting license application, or exceeding daily limits. 


Self-defense cases - particularly when deadly force has been used - can be difficult to explain in hindsight, and severe prison sentences can result when a person's intent is misunderstood.  These cases require skillful investigation into the facts and circumstances before, during, and after the incident, as well as appropriate utilization of expert analysis.


We believe the role of asylum is critical in our present global environment. Our team of attorneys utilizes investigators and experts, when helpful, to assemble compelling I-589 Visa applications.

We also know that finding a path to citizenship can be incredibly challenging when roadblocks, such as unresolved convictions, stand in the way. We can assist with expungements to clear the path.

Finally, immigration consequences are often paramount for non-citizens facing criminal charges or expulsion from school. Certain convictions can lead to deportation, and expulsion from school can affect your visa status. Our attorneys work with immigration experts to ensure that any immigration consequences are known and considered in criminal and education cases. 


Each DUII case requires meticulous evaluation to determine the best course of action, be it a carefully negotiated plea, entry into diversion, or an aggressively fought trial.  Mistakes during arrest, sobriety testing, laboratory testing, and other internal and external circumstances can weaken or destroy the state's allegations. We also understand that transportation is a lifeline, and will advocate for your ability to drive during the D.M.V. hearing, at the negotiation table, and in the courtroom.  

Vehicular offenses

Motor vehicle offenses vary in seriousness, from reckless driving to failing to perform duties to injured persons. These carry a wide range of consequences, including fines, license suspension, and even incarceration.

Criminal charges and convictions can also lead to swift license revocations. We have represented clients in cases as serious as vehicular homicide, and will never underestimate the importance of your freedom to drive. 



Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

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